Summer in December

The call of the sea will always be as tempting as your favorite chocolate on Earth. The feel of the saltwater and of the sun’s heat on your skin. Just the thought of it is refreshing, isn’t it? Well, Guimaras got you covered!

Guimaras is an island province in the Philippines. It is located at the Western part of Visayas and is among the smallest provinces of the region. With it’s rich and vast natural resources, Guimaras is favored by locals and foreigners as a go-to destination. Known as the mango capital of the Philippines, I have to say that our Guimaras mangoes are the best of its kind. Yes, you read it right! I’m a proud Guimarasnon but now, we’re living in Iloilo City.

Guimaras is also know as a home of white sand beaches here in Western Visayas. One of these white sand beaches is Villa Igang. Villa Igang is a three-in-one destination for adventure seekers. In Villa Igang, they have the popular white sand beach, a cave and a cliff-diving spot where anyone can enjoy.

To get there, one must ride a pump boat at the Ortiz Wharf in Iloilo City. The ride costs Php 15.00 and is approximately a 15-minute boat ride to Jordan. Once docked, entering the tourism office of Jordan would be the best choice. Ask for a multi-cab or a tricycle (for smaller groups approximately 3-6 people) to Villa Igang. It will cost a good Php 500.00 for the  occupied vehicle. At the drop-off point in Villa Igang, there is a fee of Php 50.00 each. You can get your driver’s contact number if you want him to drive you back at the wharf after you enjoy your day at Villa Igang.

There is a need to walk towards the very part of Villa Igang but the way is just straight ahead until reaching a wooden bridge. The way is actually either the bridge or straight ahead but if you prefer a rather Instagram-worthy way, take the bridge and just straight ahead until reaching the place.

You will be greeted by the restaurant and their very accommodating staff upon entering the area. If you prefer swimming before eating your lunch, make your orders before jumping to the water.

Hence, explore the whole resort! And take note, there is only one available diving board. Dive safely! Also, if you go up to another portion of the area, you will discover a marine sanctuary (which is very tempting to dive to) but swimming and diving is prohibited for the preservation of the marine sanctuary.

Isn’t this view picturesque?



This is the part where swimming is prohibited (Just the entrance)

This is it! Too bad, swimming is prohibited.

It’s a wrap! I don’t want to go home but we need to! This is how our Villa Igang trip ended. It is indeed a summer in December.


‘Til my next travel blog post!


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