2016: A Year in Review

Hey! Guess who’s back? This blog post might get emotional or somewhat near there but this is what 2016 is all about – a devastating, nauseous, nearly-deranging roller-coaster ride kind of year (well, for most of us).

What really happened was quite a blur. It felt like in a span of a week or two, or even by just a day, everything can change. One single word, one single moment, anything can break you. It has been a year full of traumatic experiences and mentally, emotionally, spiritually challenging dilemmas. Even how I foresee my future as a student and blogger changed. That’s how my 2016 was branded as my, officially, the worst year ever!

But the worst year ever, indeed, brought the best lesson yet – that I need to focus on what I want. Well, I wanted to become an interior designer, a successful blogger and might as well add becoming a model. I know to myself that I am the type of person to multitask but I disappointed my self this year as I lack the time and perseverance with regards to my blogging career. I spent most of my time this year as my friend’s model to random photoshoots. It turned out great not until I looked closely into my eyes. It lacked the passion. Something was missing although all those shots were as perfect as it was. Passion was drained not until just this week as I posted on instagram again.

I was a wee bit emotional as I made my Instagram comeback. Losing followers were acceptable on my part but I actually don’t mind about the loss. All I was emotional of were those who embraced the comeback and still poured likes on my post. It may seem petty but Instagram became my home and I never felt that happy to be back home again.

Practically, this post was just my coming back blog post (and rants for 2016). Opening new doors and exploring new heights, indeed. Nothing’s gonna stop me now that I’m back! Modelling and adventure posts will be up here soon!


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  1. Amazing post, super cool!

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  2. oosorio456 says:

    Good luck next year

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