Summer Around the Corner

Yes, summer has already come to an end but Iloilo will always have summer around the corner. Together with friends, a collaboration was done at Guisi Lighthouse, Guimaras for a summer-themed shoot. Edrea Claire Gregore, our photographer, captured the best shots for yet the best summer photos!


Only a true summer warrior can endure the raging heat of the sun but still being fashionable despite the heat? It’s another thing. A lightweight buttondown from H&M surely rocked my summer get up and helped me maintain a fresh feel during the duration of our summer getaway. Add on the white chino shorts from Uniqlo and your summer outfit’s a blast! Blending in with nature’s neutrals surely made it’s magic. All you have to do is find your perfect spot and let the patterns of nature complement your look.



Wearing: H&M lightweight buttondown, white Chino shorts from Uniqlo


Being fashionable under the sun is cool but being a lot careful with your skin is extra cool. Thanks to Nivea Sun Care and Protection Kit for being this shoot’s superhero to the rescue as we soaked under the destructive sun. Boost your confidence under the sun with Nivea products and even just on your normal days at work or in school!








Be extra confident this summer and I do hope I gave out useful advice for you and your adventurous soul! ‘Til next time!


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