New Blog, New Life

It has been a year since I published my first blog namely, The Stuogger. I got the name from the words ‘student’ and ‘blogger’ (It’s so corny, I know!). But as time flew, I became inactive and bored of all the things I’ve posted and everything felt… draggy. So, yeah. Basically, this blog will be a new start for all my leisure and style blogging.


Man of the Metro is the blog’s title for I really am a city person. I love to window shop or casually walk around the city. I love how the honks of the cars sound like a regenerating music in my ear (weird thing about me), or how the gas smells (another one, too!), and simply how the city looks like bokeh of lights when darkness takes over.



I really do hope you’d be with me throughout this journey. I’ll be sharing all my experiences, style + travel tips and some sort of reactions from different cafés that I have been and I will be. Adios and before I forget, Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

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